Summer Is Just The Beginning Of A Teacher’s School Year

I love to argue with non-educators that say “teachers don’t work over the summer.” Despite developing some thick skin related to this comment over the years, it’s still hard to let it go!

When the final bell rings for the year, and all the students rush out of school, teachers don’t run out with them. They do more during the summer to improve their craft than any other profession. While I hope many of our teachers get to enjoy time with their friends and families, I know many of them are sitting on interview panels, writing and rewriting curricula, attending conferences, digitizing resources, and much more.

Teachers spend a significant amount of time during the school year bringing work home with them. Lesson planning, grading, and providing personalization for every student doesn’t fit into a prep period. Add committee work, meetings, and in-services, it’s a wonder our teachers last till June.

This summer, I’ve witnessed countless teachers aligning curricula to new standards, helping to choose new administrators, traveling to conferences, teaching classes, reading educational books, and digitizing materials to provide students with more choice in their preferred learning environment. This aspect of the job often goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Each summer I seem to be more impressed by our teachers than the year before. So the next time you think teachers don’t work over the summer, think again.