Leveraging Blended Learning in Elementary Music Classrooms

Over time our educational system has unfairly created a curriculum hierarchy where mathematics and science enjoy a higher status than music and the arts. This often unintended curriculum hierarchy is pervasive in almost every school system, at every level, and puts our students in a difficult position of choosing to develop their natural abilities or focus on subjects they associate with “getting them into college.” This trend has resulted in a decline in the number of music and art courses being offered in some schools and a reduction in seat time at others. Some schools have abandoned music at the elementary level altogether to either cut costs or to reallocate precious resources to other (tested) areas.  

To address the issue of lost seat time, several innovative music teachers at Garnet Valley have begun to leverage their technology and skills to offer blended music lessons to our elementary school students. These teachers use Seesaw and Schoology to provide students with opportunities to record their practice sessions at home. After viewing the recorded practice sessions, teachers provide feedback to students in either written, video, or audio format. In most cases, our teachers are able to correct minor issues with a quick screen grab or annotated video. Finally, our teachers are able to upload exemplary videos on everything from proper finger placement to finding the right rhythm. It’s amazing to watch innovative teachers at work but what is even more impressive is how quickly students improve with their instrument by participating in these blended music classes. If you have a child or know of a child who is interested in learning to play an instrument join us this summer by enrolling in the Garnet Valley Music Academy. Garnet Valley Music Academy is open all Garnet Valley and Non Garnet Valley residents. https://www.eschoolgarnetvalley.com/2019-summer-courses