Creative Tension is Needed for Significant Change

The C in the C.H.O.I.C.E. model for #personalizedPD (@jbretzmann) stands for Constant Progress as we want to, borrowing a quote from @gcouros, move all of our people from their Point A of understanding to their Point B. How quickly or far a person moves is less important than their journey as a whole.

But with any change comes creative tension or disequilibrium. Creative tension is that uncomfortable natural gap between your vision for change and your current reality. Although the gap can be difficult for some school leaders, it is essential for any significant change to take place.

There are essentially two ways to reduce the tension or gap between your vision and your current reality:

1. Raise your current reality towards your vision by working towards and building capacity in your district.


2. Lower your vision towards your current reality and continue to admire problems rather than trying to solve them.

While good leaders constantly balance vision and reality it is important not to get stuck in the middle. The goal should always be to move people towards your vision with the understanding that sometimes it may take longer than originally planned or be a rougher ride than originally anticipated.